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Some updates!

I am really trying to get in to (basic) web development

Nothing fancy, just little sites with basic functionality, I personally believe the web as it stands now is way too bloated, and is like that becasue of corporatization. So I am trying to move away from corporations, and work in smaller communities!

With that being said I have joined the community! you can find me here!, I will be updating it soon, and I hope to put a list of my favorite links on the web there, and eventually my own website will also host that, I think this service also has a site for links? Maybe I will try that.

I have begun migrating from to, I say migrating but my will still be active and online as I dont want my plant to die. But I have found to be very active in comparison! My site there is not updated but I will get around to it soon I promise!

I would love to hear from anyone and everyone with suggestions or ideas, my email is ! that will be my site too, but don't go there yet it is ugly lol.


Edit: Does anyone know I how can decrease the line spacing, I wanted the bold text to be right above the paragraph, but if I hit return once, it looks like this, and if I hit return again it goes way too far away :/ it was the same with this line too which sucks